I found a website that makes me websites. It’s called Weebly (www.weebly.com), and it is the easiest way I have found to make nice, pretty websites that do stuff. Weebly is a great service for those among us who want to make dynamic websites but don’t have a clue about coding. The website is created by dragging and clicking the various elements on to multiple pages. It supposed basic stuff like images, text, links, and flickr photo albums, YouTube videos and Google maps. It’s super cool! I made a fake website for the Master of Information Studies Student Council: http://missc.weebly.com/

You can also pick from a couple dozen different designs and layouts, and can add as many pages as you want. Time magazine names it one of the 50 best websites of 2007 because of its ease of use and polished look: See it here. And if Time magazine says it’s good, who am I to argue? ING is on the list too, and I love that website like a child. A child holding my entire savings.

Anyway, check out weebly if you want a user-friendly website that makes cute websites!


One response to “Weebly

  1. I have just registered my domain on Weebly… fabulous really. Sorry for those of you that don’t know me.. the fact that I was ABLE to register my domain allows me to describe Weebly as fabulous. I didn’t have to call my techy (Megs BF Scott) once.

    If Buzz Light Year knew, he would have said, “to Weebly and beyond!”