I’m famous (if you read alumni magazines).

image-informed-magazineThis is an article about me in the Faculty of Information’s alumni magazine, Informed. It was featured back in September, but I only just stumbled across the online version, and thought I would put it up here. It’s pretty great to be credited like this… Sometimes when I find myself fantasizing about buying a one-way ticket to Mexico instead of dealing with the one million assignments I have due this month, I look back on this article and, combined with a stiff drink, I come to my senses.

The text reads as follows and, for the record, that half-marathon never actually materialized. 21 km is like, REALLY far:

MEGHAN Ecclestone has a pleasant, outgoing, and professional disposition; however,when it comes to setting goals for herself, her motto is “Go big or go home.”

While studying at the Faculty, training for the Toronto Half Marathon and working part-time, she has somehow managed to earn outstanding grades, demonstrate superlative service as the
Student Council’s “Professional Development Co-Chair,” and organize the launch of a scholarly student publication. Her contributions, participation, and dedication have not gone unnoticed
by her colleagues or employers.

Meghan’s passion for libraries and information science was sparked by a part-time position as information desk assistant at McMaster University’sMillsMemorial Library. This “excellent first experience in librarywork,” encouraged her to learn more. Last fall, she entered the MISt program at the Faculty of Information. Just 12 months later, she has earned the respect of the Information
community through her initiatives and enthusiasm.An example that benefited many students and employers was the Job Fair, an event that introduces students to potential employers from across the country, and which she co-chaired with fellow student, Julia Brewster. The event was a huge success. Faculty, staff, and students were not alone in recognizing Meghan’s energy and organizational skills: her participation helped her earn a summer internship at the Library of Parliament in Ottawa, in the Parliamentary Information and Research Services branch. There, she found herself drawing on coursework in reference services, resources, information retrieval, and information management.

Meghan looks forward to her second and final year of the MISt program this fall,while the Faculty can expect to reap the benefits of her newest initiatives: she is organizing a student perceptions survey, with Bruce Harpham, to gauge the effectiveness of professional development events at the iSchool, and is launching a journal, Faculty of Information Quarterly, with student BillMann and others.

A strong proponent of knowledge transfer, Meghan urges students to get involved in extra-academic activities. “Engaging in the Faculty of Information and the information community at-large yields huge benefits.”

by Kathleen Scheaffer ’07


5 responses to “I’m famous (if you read alumni magazines).

  1. Meg, there’s always next year for the half marathon.

    I challenge you to a RACE!

  2. You’re famous! SO famous!

  3. ‘MEGHAN Ecclestone has a pleasant, outgoing, and professional disposition’, shouldn’t this read ‘pleasant, outgoing professional disposition’ as I have evidence to the contrary if it is a general disposition 😉

    :this post was made with extra jealousy

  4. Woah, do I even know you anymore? I think tonight I’m going to write a piece about myself and mock-publish it on my mock-blog… just to keep up with you of course!


  5. Craig, don’t tell….
    I’m a freakin’ angel, everyone knows that!