I work haaaard for the moneh. So haaard for the moneh.

As you might have inferred from my updated bio, I’ve just started a new job at York University. And so far: So good. It’s the one-week anniversary (weekiversary?) of my start-date, and basically I try to come to work everyday and learn AS MUCH AS I CAN about all the stuff I have to do. As you can probably imagine: There is no shortage ofSchulich and Bronfman pic work for me in this area. I carry a notebook and pen with me wherever I go, and scribble furiously. It’s becoming my calling card.

I’m working at the Bronfman Library, which is situated in the gorgeous Schulich Building. I’ll be doing all sorts of academic librarian-type stuff: Reference, instruction, liaison, collections development, research, and committee work. It’s gonna be FUN.

For now, I’m focusing on developing my subject specializations, learning the ropes (reference – eek!), and staying ORGANIZED (the true key to success!).  I will post more insights from the field as I wiggle my way into this new role; for now though, my brain is set to “Intake” rather than “Output.” I’ll keep ya posted!


2 responses to “I work haaaard for the moneh. So haaard for the moneh.

  1. Hi Meghan!

    I just wanted to congratulate you for finding so quickly a job that you enjoy and are learning from!