TRY Conference 2009

I attended the TRY Conference last week (The fifth annual conference of the Toronto, Ryerson aTRY Logond York University Libraries, which takes place each year at St. Mike’s college at the University of Toronto). The conference’s theme, “New Directions” sought to illustrate the ways in the roles of libraries, library staff, and the delivery of information are changing within and beyond the university library and the academic community which it serves. It was the first year Faculty of Information students were invited to participate – it’s a great networking opportunities for budding librarians and I gained lots of insight about my new career.

I went to some very interesting sessions where – true to form – I obsessively took notes on the various topics covered. My friends Ania, Monica, Bruce and I participated in the poster session, in which we presented on new student initiatives at the Faculty of Information. Ania and Monica discussed the brilliant success of the Housing Memory student conference, Bruce discussed his launch of the iSchool Podcast, and I covered the work done with the Faculty of Information Quarterly. People were very receptive to our work (librarians are so nice, seriously), and were keen to talk about the initiatives and technologies we used to achieve these projects. It was good practice for the CLA poster session in which I will be participating at the end of May. Key factors in poster session success: poster design, logistics, and being shameless about passing along your handouts.

The conference was a great opportunity to connect with the other Toronto universities (it seems there are nearly as much collaborative and sharing opportunities among the three schools as their ought to be…), and a neat dynamic the big ol’ schools (hello York and UofT @ St. George), and their nimble little counterparts (enter Ryerson, UofT @ Mississauga, and U of T @ Scarborough). Like a family reunion!

I’ll post more about the specific sessions in some subsequent postings – there was lots of neat stuff discussed in areas around information literacy and research help that I’d like to pick up on as I embark on my work at York. Monica, Ania, and Bruce have already written far-more reflective and insightful postings on their own blogs which are worth checking out. All in all: A lovely, thought-provoking day.

UPDATE: Here is what our poster looked like! Doesn’t seem like much in this little space, but it was very lovely in real life. TRY Poster


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