In case you forgot I’m so great, here’s a reminder.

So this is sort of an obnoxious post, but it makes Pa and Ma proud, so let’s live with in. I won these two award thingies this year, which are each awesome in their respective ways.

Sort-of ugly pic of me and Gordon Cressy, and the UofT president.

Sort-of ugly pic of me, plus Gordon Cressy, and the UofT president, David Naylor.

1) Gordon Cressy award: Student leadership, blahblahlbah. Nothing like being in a room with 200 UofT try-hards to make you question humanity.

HOWEVER: The event had tons of free Diet Coke, and I stole a bunch of cans. And Wendy Newman, my former instructor nominated me, which was very touching and thoughtful and awesome.

Also, we had a delightful convo with Gordon Cressy in the coatroom and dude is seriously charming and funny and great. So I don’t mind have a giant plaque with his name on it next to my couch.

2) Student Jubilee Award: More student leadership! Only not also given to 200 other people. Also, accompanied by a cash prize, which I’m pretty sure I managed to spend ENTIRELY on cured ham during a recent trip to Spain. Thanks to the Faculty of Information Alumni Association, for funding the award!


Slightly nicer pic of me with Kim, the FIAA representative who presented me with the award.


4 responses to “In case you forgot I’m so great, here’s a reminder.

  1. Congratulations, Meghan. I was a Gordon Cressy winner myself a few years ago. Don’t let the fact that there are about 200 award winners take away from the significance. UofT is a very big university and it is an achievement to be among the award winners.

    • Aw, thanks David!
      One nice thing was that I felt a *connection* to the UofT community — not just the iSchool. You forget you’re part of this great school when you’re slogging away on cataloguing assignments, but the Cressy event helped put that back into perspective. 🙂

  2. Your Cressy award came framed? And even somewhat attractively so? I got the short end of that stick. 😦