FIAA Student Conference Grant (a.k.a. dolla bills, y’all)

In the short space of one week, my alumni association forked over a cool grand to me so that I could attend CLA, and then for the Jubilee Award. I officially love my alumni association! I applied for the FIAA student conference grant and got $500 to support my attendance at the CLA 2009 Conference and Trade Show. Here’s my write-up about the conference grant:

“As a recent MISt graduate and new academic librarian, this experience allowed me to gain invaluable insights about the newest trends in my field, giving me a significant advantage as I attempt to establish myself as a new librarian. The CLA Conference allowed me to see myself in this new profession, and gave me guidance for where to focus my own research and programming efforts. Furthermore, presenting at the poster session was a wonderful experience. I enjoyed the exercise of seeing through a research project that involved survey-creation, collection, analysis and synthesis of the research for our presentation, and it allowed me to network with others in the field, to create key professional relationships, and learn more about the vendors and their presence in librarianship. I’m very appreciative of FIAA for providing generous financial support for what was an excellent professional opportunity.”


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