It’s actually a Hero. My Hero.

I just got an upgrade from my HTC Dream, to an HTC Hero. The new phone has been sitting on my desk for the last few days, because configuring a cell phone and transferring data is not exactly numero uno on my list of weekend activities.

But then I watched this video of the Hero’s capabilities, and I got really excited.The thing weighs less than my keys (100 grams to be specific) and is faster than my Dream.

Also, if you don’t find the guys giving the presentation totally adorable, you have a cold heart.

I know material items are not the path to happiness, but I think this phone might be an exception. It makes me REALLY and TRULY HAPPY.


One response to “It’s actually a Hero. My Hero.

  1. I loved your post up until the last paragraph. Material things really do make people happy- and the people that say otherwise… LIARS!