Imma Re-Pra-Zent

Update: The event was great! We set it up so that the content was largely driven by the students questions, and I think it worked…. I was there until 9pm talking with some of them. It was a very curious, impressive group. People: The future of library land in is good hands!

I am participating in an “Ambassador’s Visit” on behalf of the CLA’s Re:Generations Committee at the U of T’s iSchool this week. I don’t think I get diplomatic immunity so there go my plans to commit lots of crimes.

Ambassador’s Visits are where Re:Gen Committee members go to their local lie-berry school to discuss with students the in’s and out’s of academic librarianship — how to prepare yourself for the job market, how to get interviews, and what the job is actually like. I’m co-presenting with Jane Schmidt, who is a big-wig at Ryerson University (She is Manager of the Collection Services Team there).

We’re going for a relaxed, audience-driven discussion that will hopefully give students some insights about our field and help students chill out about getting jobs. Oh, and to promote CLA! Because you should join.

Question to you, librarian people: What sorts of things did you wish you’d known before you entered the job market? What kinda tips do you think are important to inform students about?


3 responses to “Imma Re-Pra-Zent

  1. In regards to what I didn’t know before I hit the Dewy-D-system…

    I knew that cardigans would be all the rage but I had no idea the variety that would become available to me with a little effort. I mean I thought I was limited to the “party cardi” at Old Navy this holiday season but NO, J Crew stepped up and was able to show me the perfect Friday cardigan (pearl buttons, rhinestones, you name it)! Target had great inexpensive flat colours, Gap has great new cardigans with grosgrain ribbon up the front (a little risque for academia, but I am bad like that).

    I really wish someone in the MIST program had told me about the variety that is out there if you just look at little beyond Talbots.

    Happy to send you pics of great examples for your presentation Meghan, just let me know.


  2. – personality matters. working with others is a big part of the job.
    – your non-MLIS skills matter.
    – being adaptable is your biggest asset.
    – you can’t escape work politics.
    – teaching (in academia) is super important. pedagogy is super important.
    – it can help to get involved. the whole ‘who you know’ thing.
    – doing a co-op is a real benefit.
    – make yourself valuable. figure out what your place of work ‘needs’ and find a way to fill it.

    • Hi Andrew,
      We made sure to cover much of what you listed — all so important.
      Lots of people had questions about the non-MLIS skills, and teaching. They were a really interesting group (Former architect, dancer, interiour designer… Fascinating!).
      Thanks for commenting!