Visual CV

As a new librarian, and one who finds herself on the job market in a few months, I’ve spent lots of time thinking about how to market myself to potential employers. As I mentioned, I spoke with students last week at U of T’s iSchool about breaking into the profession and one piece of advice I gave was, get yourself a web presence. Get a blog, get on LinkedIn, get on Twitter — create a professional persona for yourself online. So, I was pleasantly surprised to come across this little tool, Visual CV. It’s fun! It’s easy to make! And it can act as an extension of the resume you’ve just submitted in a job application. Sometimes it’s heart breaking to have to cut some things off your resume, or there’s the obvious constraint of paper over a dynamic web page. So, if you’re like me, and you put your blog link on your resume, than you can add a link from said blog to your Visual CV, and give potential employers the full picture. I’ve added mine at the sidebar (————————>) front and centre, or you can check it out here.

Sometimes networking events are hard (nothing like trudging through snow in a business suit!), but this is an easy way to get all your professional experiences out there, ready to be viewed by potential employers. So, fair students: You are on reading week right now! Take a few hours to get yourself webberized, and make yourself that much more appealing to employers who are looking for curious, tech-able new librarians to fill their ranks.


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  1. This looks fabulous. Thanks for sharing.