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Candian Library Association 2005 Conference by Mita, from flickr

CLA is next week! Weeee, I’m excited! Although… before I board my flight to Edmonton on Monday, I have to drive to Ottawa and run a half-marathon. Talk about a kill-joy.

Okay, but let’s not talk running, let’s talk CLA! I’m doing a few things while I’m there: I’m participating in two sessions with the Re:Generations Committee that focus on new and aspiring librarians. “Preparing for the Profession” is designed as a little unconference for new professionals, in which we discuss topics that are key to getting into the job market — everything from writing an effective C.V. to negotiating salaries. I’ll be directing the conversation around networking, and creating a professional web presence for yourself, but we’re hoping that much of the discussion is driven by audience participation (fingers crossed!) There are lots of helpful hints on how an unconference actually works from an article on the LNG website (thanks to Megan for the tip). It’s not one of those things where you can sit back and be silent and take notes — But I hope the collaboration and interaction helps create some community among the audience and that we all get to learn a whole bunch.

The other is the Speed Updating for Academic Librarians session, which is based around the speed-dating model without all the painful awkwardness of speed dating. We’re getting a bunch of experts from various fields within academic librarianship — from scholarly communications to mobile learning — to give a lighting talk on their topics, and then everyone will breakout into small groups to discuss an issue in greater detail. Each audience member can pick the issue that interests them the most. Fun!

I’m also participatin as a member of the President’s Task Force to help restructure CLA and make it more pertient to members. Oh, and more solvent too. It’s been a very interesting experience working with the group, discussing potential models of association structure and focus. I’m supposed to be representing the new professional’s perception… I hope I’m doing us all justice. :S We’re meeting in person at the conference, and my goal is to try to look professional and not say stupid stuff.

Image of CLA 2010's mobile siteI’m also excited because CLA has a mobile site for the conference created through Boopsie (I have no idea what Boopsie is, but I’m going to explore…). This is going to help infinitely with me trying to be organized at a huge conference. And it’s great that CLA is getting on the mobile bandwagon. Oh, and the Twitter hash tag is #cla2010 — you can see the twitter stream on the Boopsie site! Awesome. Bravo, CLA.

See ya there, kids! hit me up on Twitter if you want to get a drink.


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