Sunny days, ohhh, sunny, sunny, sunny days…

Man, is it ever IMPOSSIBLE for me to post on this blog during the summer months. I did a bunch of stuff — went to CLA, attended the FIAA AGM, moved to Ottawa, started a new job — but didn’t bother reporting on anything here. It’s almost like hot sunny weather is not conducive to sitting inside on a computer. Huh.

Aaaanyway, Ottawa is great so far! I’m moved into a little sunny apartment that’s about a 15 minute walk from work — joyous, since York was about an hour by transit. It’s really interesting to observe how different things can be from one university library system to the next. Particularly with regard to organizational structure and budgeting decisions during what has become a verrrry difficult time financially for Ontario’s universities. It sucks to go through budget cuts, but it’s an interesting lesson for a newbie.

My job tasks remain quite similar, but of course I’m still on an enormous learning curve. It’s going to stay interesting for sure, but will probably not be nearly as terrifying as last year, when I knew nothing. One year under your belt makes a huge difference (Librarians with 25+ years — you can chuckle now. Go ahead — chuckle away at my naivety).

That’s about all I can report on so far… Lots of introductory stuff last week and getting signed-up for the right stuff (workshops, collections platforms, French classes…).

I don’t know when I’ll be reporting back… Perhaps we can say that I’m going to go on a small hiatus until the new school year? It’s difficult to find blogging time when there are so many patios to go sit on. I’m sure you understand.


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