Back from the Dark Side

Fun times at the liberry!

My summer break stretched into a first-half-of-Fall-semester break because, as you can probably imagine, things were a touch busy during September and early October. However it’s now Fall reading week here at the U of O, which means things have quieted down significantly thank the GOOD LORD. No more twelve hour days okay, work? Ugh.

But it wasn’t all bad/stressful/long. During September my boss (the other Management Librarian) and I managed to get presentation time with the entire undergraduate and graduate student orientations, which hadn’t been something that the library had managed to get until now. THEN, we got into every section of the first-year ethics class (yes, business students have to take an ethics class! HA), which means even MORE face time with these eager, energetic young people who have no idea how to do real research.

This spurred lots of foot traffic into the library, and I had the opportunity to sit down with students individually and talk to them about their work, get them signed up for a RefWorks account, show them how LibGuides work, and hand out many, many copies of my business card. There were days when I would lose my voice, from having talked (in presentations, in research consults, in meetings) all day, none-stop. But it meant I could actually connect with these students and help show them early in their academic careers how librarians can help them be better students.

It was an intense several weeks. Besides working, I’ve also taken on the position of Chair for the Re:Generations Committee and I was training for an October 3rd half-marathon (sure am glad that’s over with). There were many days that consisted of working, running, working, sleeping. Repeat. Needless to say, I have taken a small hiatus from running, and reintroduced my body to the glories of sleeping in, being lazy, and drinking beer. Mmmmmmm.

There were a few interesting blog posts that went up during Hell Time that I meant to make note of: I took solace from a few blog posts that went up during that time about the issue of busy-ness, one from Michael Steeleworthy, and the other from Megan Fitzgibbons, posting on the Re:Generations blog. I, of course, heeded the advice of neither article, and instead chose insanity and exhaustion. However things have quieted down significantly, which means I can turn my focus to research and collections work (which always gets put on the back burner when there are actual human beings to be dealt with). Oh, and post on this darling little blog of mine!


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  1. Heh, I don’t follow my own advice either. It’s all easier said than done!