New Year’s Resolutions

Ahhhhh the new year — A time to reflect on the year that’s passed, and look forward to the year that will be. I always think of this song, but for the record my New Year’s Eve was far more fun than the those in this video. 

Do you have any New Year’s resolutions? I have a few, both personal and professional. My personal goals are to call people more (I am terrible at staying in touch) and cooking more (I am close to lots of tasty restaurants in Ottawa — so much temptation). However my professional goals include the following:

1) Find a flow: I need a better workflow. When I was a grad student (and sosososo busy) I had a work flow that was really effective for me; it included a paper agenda and a Google calendar, and some clever tagging in my Gmail account. It was based a little bit on the GTD principles (from the book Getting Things Done, which I — ironically– never finished reading), and it worked. But now I have several more tools that I need to use for work — an Outlook calendar and work e-mail account, several wikis (both personal and organizational) and others. It’s confusing and I still manage to screw stuff up. I need to find a workflow that flows a bit better.

2) Take risks: Being a librarian in a bureaucrat’s town is a double-whammy of risk-aversion. Plus, being a new librarian can make it scary to forge relationships, speak up in meetings, read the riot act to an unruly student (okay, I do find that last one deliciously easy). But I’m going to try to mute the nervous voice in my head that yells at me every time I start daydreaming about a neat info lit innovation, or put my hand up at a council meeting. It’s hard to see myself as an “equal” with people who’s kids are my age. Or to ask a favor of a colleague who’s won prestigious library awards. Or talk shop with someone who has a PhD. But of course lie-berrians are among the gentlest breed of professionals, and usually withhold harsh judgement. And maybe something I say will be useful or will be what other people were wondering about too… Surely worth the risk of opening my mouth and possibly saying something stupid.

3) Blog more: Hahaha, right??? I’m off to a good start, you gotta admit.


5 responses to “New Year’s Resolutions

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  2. These resolutions are fantastic.

    The best way to create a good work flow is to simplify. IMO.

  3. Cecilia, Julie or Maryse received Library’ rewards??

    Some tasty restaurants: Sweet Grass (looooove it), The Works and Mama Grazzi.

  4. Tony Horava spoke twice about copyright at CLA 2008 – once on his own and and once on a panel – and I was in the audience both times. I remember thinking that here was a person who took LIS seriously, and who understood how our expertise can benefit others. His is the kind of research that has ramifications outside of librarianship, I think.

    In short, hang on to every word he says. Consider this an opportunity!