I read fun things too, sometimes.


For the record, I want you all to know that I have finally started a book I’ve been dying to read for over a year now, and it’s called The Golden Mean, and it’s a fabulous book and you should all read it.

It’s a fictional story of the life of Aristotle — a writer I was forced to read throughout my undergraduate degree and never really appreciated. My interest was piqued when Michael Enright interviewed the author of the book, Annabel Lyon last year, around the time the book was nominated for the Rogers Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize, oh, and the Giller Prize. And the G.G. That’s all.  You can listen to the full interview here (Under The Socratic Method and 9/11). It’s a fabulous interview and it made me go out and buy the book. Eventually. About a year later.

As a complete aside, the CBC has really upped it’s game with the new layout for radio shows that have a podcast version. Bravo, CBC.


2 responses to “I read fun things too, sometimes.

  1. Thanks for the plug for The Golden Mean – I purchased the book when it hit the stands and haven’t read it yet – but now I’ll move it to the near-top of the pile!!

    • Oh great, I’m glad! There are some icky parts in it — life in the ancient times was not easy! — but it’s beautifully written. It’s like I know the guy now 🙂