Change is in the air, can ya feel it??

So I think it is high-time that I come out with it. There is news people. NEWS. And here it is:

As of February 25th, I wrapped up my gig as a Management Librarian at the University of Ottawa. Which was sad. I loved that place. I loved my boss. I loved my students. I love my office.

However, as of March 1st, I magically reappeared as a Collections Development Librarian for YBP Library Services. Which rules.  I could not be more excited.

Yes you read correctly: I left the comfy, fun, altruist world of academic librarianship, to go work as a sales rep for a vendor.  The Meg of my undergraduate years — the one that wore Converse sneakers and read New Internationalist —  is dying a small death.

Why, you ask, would I make such a move? Well a whole bunch of reasons. Here are a few:

As a reference librarian, I got small peeks into the technical services and acquisitions worlds when I did collections development. But just peeks — I still have no idea how the acquisitions processes actually happens. It’s a fascinating world that’s undergoing some enormous changes, and I want to be a part of that. So, what better way to do that then join the organization that helps set-up acquisitions work flows for university libraries? I’m super stoked to really understand what the heck is going on back there, behind the scenes.

Have you met me? If you have, you know I love to meet new people and just CHAT. I really do. You know those people who are like, “God I HATE small talk!”? I’m like, are you serious? I LOVE small talk! This is,  I’m told, a useful skill in a client-based setting, wherein I have to go and meet new people all the time, and just chat. “How are you liking your selection profile?” ” What books do you think are missing from your collection?” “How’d your mom’s hip replacement go?” Gosh, I can’t wait. Seriously. I love chatting.

I’m not really selling out. You guys, I’m still going to be working with academic librarians all the time.

In fact, my new boss Heather was a part of OLA’s Human Library last month, and her little blurb actually pokes fun at this very topic:

Heather Berringer – Director of Sales, Canada, YBP Library Services(Selling Out or Buying In? My Career in the Library Vendor World)
Heather has been working in Sales at YBP for the past three years, starting out as Collection Development Manager for Eastern Canada and then graduating to the Director level just a few months ago.  She began her career in academic libraries… before she decided to jump ship and explore the corporate universe.  Heather is based in New Hampshire, remains an avid conference junkie, and maintains that she continues to answer reference questions for a living, but now does it in her pyjamas.  She has more Aeroplan points and hotel status than any of her friends.

See? Funny! Insightful! Still very librarian-y. Still very much embedded in the community. It’s not like I’m leaving academia to go sell slam-chops or something.

Team Awesome: I left a wonderful, wonderful team at the University of Ottawa. BUT I am also JOINING a wonderful team by going to YBP (In case you didn’t notice, my new boss has a healthy sense of humour!) Great work teams can be hard to come by — I will now have the incredible luck of leaving one, but joining one too. I feel really lucky to be able to say that. *sniffle*

Two words: Home. Office. It was -100 when I walked to work last month, so I really don’t feel like I need to say much more on the topic.

And on a personal note: My boyfriend. He is a software developologist, and I am an information scientician, so if ever there was a couple that could do a web-mediated relationship, it’s us. We are a power couple of the Internetz. We have matching smart phones.  And while there are precious few things the Internet can’t do for us these days, HUGS is one of them. Long live hugs! So, I’ve moved back to Toronto and back to the normalcy of in-person hugs. Cause those virtual hugs were starting to make my laptop feel a little bit uncomfortable.  *awkward*

So that’s the news! I will be responsible for the Eastern Canada region, so if you area lie-berrian in Ontario and all points East, let’s hang out! In the meantime: I’m headed to Lulu Lemon to stock up on yoga pants — the official uniform of the work-from-home professional.


23 responses to “Change is in the air, can ya feel it??

  1. Well how’s about that!! Congratulations! I’m very happy to hear you are back in Toronto and very much looking forward to hearing more about this new job as you settle in 🙂

  2. Well, good for you. You don’t need to defend your decisions – do what you gotta do, and forget the rest.

    Besides, much better for you to do the small talk than me. I’d be just awful at that.

    • Tee hee, thanks Colgoni! I disagree though… I remember a delightful chat about screencasting videos at OLA with a certain someone. But thanks! I’m very excited about the new gig.

  3. Leigh Cunningham

    Congratulations! Definitely a change, but you will be awesome at this. I’m really obsessed with collections work right now. Unfortunately, I don’t fall into Eastern Canada 😦 Glad to hear you made it back to T.O.

  4. Hey! Congrats! I am still teaching Acquisitions at the college here next fall … You should totally come talk to my class, Eastern Can rep!

  5. Laura Freeman

    Sounds like an amazing gig Meghan! So happy for you and looking forward to reading all about it!

  6. Erika Heesen

    Congrats Meg!
    I love that Heather is your boss – I spoke to her at OLA, and she was a history librarian at Carleton when I was there – and made a pitch for librarianship to my entire class!

    • Yeah, I remember her from Carleton too! She taught me how to do advances searching in Proquest (though she says she doesn’t remember me, sigh). She’s a great lady, I’m so pleased she’s my boss 🙂

  7. I thought you moved back because you wanted a new apartment to decorate. 😀 😀

    Glad to hear that hugs made the list instead.

  8. Congrats Meghan! Nice hire, Heather!

  9. Congrats Meg! YBP is lucky to have you. As is Toronto. And your boyfriend. I can’t wait to hear all about the new job in person.

  10. Congrats once again! Just wanted to tell you that a nice introduction to you in your new role was sent around to library staff here today. We’re looking forward to your next visit to Montreal! 🙂

  11. congratulations, meg!
    sounds like a great gig & yay for being back in TO!! i too find the collections & profile stuff to be very interesting.
    and oooh, working from home. let’s definitely set up a date to hang out when you’re all settled back in again 🙂

  12. You know already that I’m very excited for you and this position – just please don’t stop writing in this space!

    Congrats again!

    • Not to worry — I promise, I shall! It’s been hard lately… I’ve been too consumed with other life changes (cities, apartments, jobs…) to focus on writing. But I will get back into it, not to worry. You’re very kind for commenting though 🙂