Startup Weekend: Library Edition… Coming to Toronto!

Attention Library people! (And Tech people! And designer people!)
I’m part of an organising team for a pretty awesome and exciting event: Startup Weekend Toronto EDU: Library Edition.
It’s a Startup Weekend (SW) event held in downtown Toronto in space donated by Mozilla Toronto (thank you Mozilla!!) during the weekend of March 28-30, 2014.
The event will begin on a Friday night, with attendees bringing ideas to pitch before an audience. Teams, comprised of both technical and non-technical participants,will form around the best ideas and then spend Saturday and Sunday building a prototype. Volunteer coaches and mentors are available throughout the weekend to provide advice and support. The event will culminate with product demos before a panel of judges, with prizes awarded on the Sunday afternoon. Also, I am organising the food, and I promise it will be delicious.
Startup Weekend Toronto EDU: Library Edition will bring together passionate people from the library world and tech worlds, as well as students, entrepreneurs, designers, and more, to problem-solve and build solutions for libraries, using the best of startup and library thinking. Solutions should have a technical component and can address any pain point experienced by libraries.
The organizers believe this event will create new relationships and help empower the library community to think differently about the challenges they face.  No technical expertise is required of library or information professional participants to participate (although systems or technology librarians are welcome of course) – just a willingness to embrace the experience and work hard! It would be rad to have you there!
coming/.  You can also follow us on Twitter at or on Facebook at   And if you have questions, feel free to email me or just ask on our Facebook page.
Hope you’ll considering joining us on March 28-30.  It’s a lot of fun!

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