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Wrap-up from #OLASC14 Presentation

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On Friday (January 30th) I presented at the OLA Superconference 2014 here in Toronto. My co-presenter Kim Stymest and I presented a session called “Beyond LinkedIn: New technologies for career development”. It was well attended! And people had great questions. I’m glad it’s done (I was so nervous!) but it was super fun and professional invigorating.

We mentioned a ton of different technologies in the session and thought a digital handout would be useful. You can find the .pdf of the handout here.

Here’s an overview of what we discussed:

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Scalable Information Literacy

Remember back in August when we basked in these last glorious dog days of summer, and looked with such wide, hopeful eyes towards the onslaught of September?

Now it’s November, and for many of us the tornado of Fall semester behind us, we have some time to look back and reflect on the insanity that was.

Librarians have been working really hard to get an information literacy presence into the classroom for decades. Some with great success…. Maybe even a bit *too* much success. Given the enormous time constraints placed on librarians as they become increasingly in demand for in-class teaching, I’ve started thinking about where we go from here. How can we continue to push forward an information literacy curriculum that meets faculty demand, is effective for student learning, and doesn’t create a Fall teaching schedule that makes us want to collectively crawl under our desks with a box of kleenex and a bottle of finely-crafted whiskey?


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MOOCs as a Professional Development Tool for Librarians

MOOCs as a Professional Development Tool for Librarians | Ecclestone | Partnership: the Canadian Journal of Library and Information Practice and Research.

I wrote an article about how I dropped out of not one, not two, but THREE MOOCs. But I still learned some stuff. And got to write an article about it! So I’ll put this down as a win.

New visual resume tool:

Hey, here’s a neat visual CV tool I was reading about this morning called It’s from a Toronto-based start up, and is predicated on the belief that,

…the traditional text resume is boring, lengthy and long overdue for a makeover. 

(Quite true).

Check it out if you like this sorta stuff! Here’s mine: 

Startup Library: Day 2

Yesterday blew right by. Time flies when you’re having fun, kids!

Our homework last week was to prepare a “pitch“: Drawing from one of the “hot spots” identified in Week 1, figure out a product or service that can make the information problem better. Then, write a 60 second pitch that will illicit backing from other attendees, who will agree to work with you to develop the idea throughout the rest of the conference. 16 of us were up for the task of pitching to the group.

The pitches.

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#slatalk: round-up

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I mentioned the #slatalk event I was going to participate in last week… And then it happened. And it was fun! A round-up of the event:
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Putting the “Expert” in Subject Expertise

School_Subjects_IconsI often think about how liaison and reference librarians interact with their subject specialisations. How much of  your week is committed to concerted improvement of subject expertise? And what do you do to develop a greater depth of knowledge around a particular topic you might not have a background in? If you have ideas on this, please leave a comment! I’m curious to know what your tricks are.

In an ideal world, of course we’d all have Masters degrees in the subjects we’re responsible for. And of course nobody would ever quit or go on leave, so you would never have to pick up other subject areas! Of COURSE. But alas: Librarians are always picking up subjects they don’t have ANY degree in, let alone a Masters. So what can librarians do to improve subject expertise, especially when it’s on the fly?

Here are some resources I’ve come across:

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