international conference on academic integrity, feb 15

Hitting roadblocks: Institutional barriers to mobilising academic integrity scholarship

Co-presented with Stephanie Bell, Assistant Professor at York University about our work developing an academic integrity module for York’s digital learning commons initiative, SPARK.

BCLA’s ALS December Meeting, Dec 14

There’s a university in Nanaimo?What’s a Nanaimo? My move West from the Centre of the Universe

Presented a lightning talk on my move from Ontario to British Colombia.

Electronic Resources & Libraries, Mar 14

More Licenses, More Problems: How to Talk to Your Users About Why eBooks are Terrible

Presented a session on the challenges of a downloadable eBook model for use in the Ontario consortium of academic libraries

Ontario Library Association Superconference, Jan 14

Beyond LinkedIn: New technologies for career development

Presented a session on technology tools for librarian professional development

ABQLA 2012 Conference, May 12

Special Event: Battledecks!

Presented at the conference Battledecks session (a competitive improvisational event)

APLA 2012 Conference, May 12

Discovering Hidden Needs: How DDA Can Revolutionize Monograph Collection Development Vendor Perspective

Presented a session in partnership with academic librarians on the use of Demand Driven Acquisitions as a collections development tool in academic libraries

CLA/ACB 2011 National Conference and Tradeshow, Jun 11

Participated in two sessions: “Technology Lightning Strikes!” and “Getting on (Tenure) Track”
Participated on the winning team in the annual Great Debate

CLA/ACB 2010 National Conference and Tradeshow, Jun 10

Preparing for the Profession

Presented as part of a panel session on career development and the job search in libraries

Ontario Library Association Superconference, Feb 10

Why Screencasting? The Benefits of Interactive Online Tutorials

Presented a poster on the use of screencasting videos to deliver library instruction

CLA/ACB 2009 National Conference and Tradeshow, May 09

The Future of the Profession: Student Professional Development at the iSchool

Presented a poster on the outcomes of research undertaken to assess student perceptions of professional development opportunities at the Faculty of Information, University of Toronto

TRY Annual Library Staff Conference, Apr 09

Defining the Movement: Innovation and Collaboration at the iSchool

Presented a poster on the role of student engagement in LIS education

Housing memory graduate student conference, mar 09

Organizational Memory: The Role of Culture in Fostering Knowledge Sharing and Memory Creation in an Organizational Setting


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