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O.A., eh oh.

As I’ve mentioned before, I was Managing Editor of the Faculty of Information Quarterly at school, but in my new capacity as an academic library, I serve on the York University Libraries’ Scholarly Communications Committee. All of a sudden, instead of just complaining about the inherent evil of journal vendors, I actually have to learn about tangible issues! Ah crap!Journals

One of the movements sweeping the world of academic publishing is the Open Access movement. I didn’t realllly get it until I attended some sessions on the topic at the CLA Annual Conference. And then had to explain it to non-librarians (the true test of knowledge).

I had to sum up my job to parents, and in doing so, found myself explaining in the simplest terms possible, the whole “Open Access” movement. I told them this:

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CLA! Yay yay yay! Gooooo librarians!

I just got back from the CLA Annual Conference and Trade Show 2009 in Montreal. What a busy weekend!

The CLA conference was held at the Palaise de Congress in Montreal.

The CLA Conference was held here, at the Palaise de Congress in Montreal. Colourful!

Bruce Harpham and I presented at the poster session. Our topic – near and dear to my heart – evaluated students’ perceptions of professional development opportunities at the Faculty of Information. We looked at whether students were successful in securing employment during the summer between first and second year, and whether their career aspirations changed throughout their MISt degree. It was a great experience to follow from a research problem and design, right through to synthesis and presentation of results.

"Hello, welcome to our poster! Please, take a handout!"

"Hello, welcome to our poster! Please, take a handout!"

I went to a full roster of sessions pertaining to all sorts of cool stuff – Joseph Janes being hilarious about the future of libraries, Mount St. Vincent developing a credit-course on Information Literacy, a video-game developed to teach students about academic integrity, and how copyright is ruining everyone’s lives and destroying the whole world – delightful, fascinating topics!

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Reaction to Bill-C 61

Jim Prentice has presented a new copyright bill in the House this past week that has Canada’s information world up in arms! The reaction was pretty incredible – Metro Morning’s tech specialist was freaking out on the radio, Michael Geist has been clogging up my google reader and the CLA listserv’s e-mails are scathing, to say the least. It’s been said before, but I’ll say it here… When did COPYRIGHT become such an exciting topic?! It’s great that so many people are making the connections between their own behaviours and activities, and federal legislation that is wordy and boring and not a great read on a Sunday afternoon. Continue reading