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Wrap-up from #OLASC14 Presentation

Speakers Badge

On Friday (January 30th) I presented at the OLA Superconference 2014 here in Toronto. My co-presenter Kim Stymest and I presented a session called “Beyond LinkedIn: New technologies for career development”. It was well attended! And people had great questions. I’m glad it’s done (I was so nervous!) but it was super fun and professional invigorating.

We mentioned a ton of different technologies in the session and thought a digital handout would be useful. You can find the .pdf of the handout here.

Here’s an overview of what we discussed:

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New visual resume tool: Vizualize.me

Hey, here’s a neat visual CV tool I was reading about this morning called vizualize.me. It’s from a Toronto-based start up, and is predicated on the belief that,

…the traditional text resume is boring, lengthy and long overdue for a makeover. 

(Quite true).

Check it out if you like this sorta stuff! Here’s mine: 

#slatalk: round-up

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I mentioned the #slatalk event I was going to participate in last week… And then it happened. And it was fun! A round-up of the event:
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Sunny days, ohhh, sunny, sunny, sunny days…

Man, is it ever IMPOSSIBLE for me to post on this blog during the summer months. I did a bunch of stuff — went to CLA, attended the FIAA AGM, moved to Ottawa, started a new job — but didn’t bother reporting on anything here. It’s almost like hot sunny weather is not conducive to sitting inside on a computer. Huh.

Aaaanyway, Ottawa is great so far! I’m moved into a little sunny apartment that’s about a 15 minute walk from work — joyous, since York was about an hour by transit. It’s really interesting to observe how different things can be from one university library system to the next. Particularly with regard to organizational structure and budgeting decisions during what has become a verrrry difficult time financially for Ontario’s universities. It sucks to go through budget cuts, but it’s an interesting lesson for a newbie.

My job tasks remain quite similar, but of course I’m still on an enormous learning curve. It’s going to stay interesting for sure, but will probably not be nearly as terrifying as last year, when I knew nothing. One year under your belt makes a huge difference (Librarians with 25+ years — you can chuckle now. Go ahead — chuckle away at my naivety).

That’s about all I can report on so far… Lots of introductory stuff last week and getting signed-up for the right stuff (workshops, collections platforms, French classes…).

I don’t know when I’ll be reporting back… Perhaps we can say that I’m going to go on a small hiatus until the new school year? It’s difficult to find blogging time when there are so many patios to go sit on. I’m sure you understand.

A bientot to the 416

So I’ve made a REDICULOUS decision and taken a job in Ottawa for a year.
I said it.
I’m leaving Toronto to go to Ottawa for a year.
My contract at York ended last week, and I’ve been busy trying to figure out what to do with my life. As it ends up unemployment rules big time, but I’m told it isn’t a sustainable life plan. I’ve been doing lots of yoga, and balcony gardening, and hanging out with friends. But there’s no librarian-ing in my daily coming’s and going’s, so what good is that???

So, to Ottawa I go. The job is going to rule big-time. I’m a Management Librarian at the University of Ottawa’s business school (recall: this is my job at York, plus French. And a delightful downtown campus. And a canal. This is why it’s going to rule big time). I’m very excited to start, and I think it’s going to be absolutely wonderful professional experience. And already having a year’s experience under my belt makes all the difference. I know what I’m going to work on in terms of subject specialization (Oh hai financial data! I’ve been ignoring you for the last year, but it’s time we went out on a date and got to know each other), teaching (and the general insanity that accompanies September and October), where I want to contribute to committee work, and where I want to focus on my research. It’s amazing how professional experience makes you better at your job! Crazy, eh??

The rediculous part of all of this is:

1) I’ve turned into a huge Toronto jerk over the last three years, and Toronto jerks never leave Toronto, unless it’s to go to the cottage. I will have to watch my tongue in Ottawa, and not start any statements with, “Oh really? You don’t have that here? Because in Toronto….”.
I love Ottawa lots too. It’s a beautiful town, with lots of patios and bike paths and good friends of mine — I just don’t want to alienate the locals.

2) Listening to me speak French hurts my ears. I used to rock the French language in a big way. Quebeckers used to ask me what part of Quebec I was from. I was the REAL DEAL. But that was ten years ago, and now it sounds like I’m just mangling the language every time I open my mouth. I’m going to work hard over the next year to rectify this, because I have to teach instructional workshops in French! Oh mon dieu. My interview was half in French, and I could literally feel the sweat dripping down my back as I was answering those questions. I’m hoping this will better better with time, because being extremely sweaty for year is not appealling to me, or my wardrobe.

3) I’m taking on two rents. It’s like I have a pied-a-terre in Ottawa, without the income bracket or executive position that justifies a pied-a-terre. I wonder how my future boss would feel about me sleeping in my office for the year… ? I could shower at the athletic centre…

As I get more used to the idea of moving, I’m getting more excited at the prospect of getting started with work, and getting to know a new group of (likely fabulous) co-workers, faculty, and students. Is it weird to call your future employee ahead of time and ask which committees have openings? Yes? M’kay, just checking.

I am teh busy.

K, I realise I have not posted on this blog since JULY. But I have a good excuse: I am so GD BUSY. Who are the jerks that spread rumors about librarians going home at 5pm? They are big liars!

ANYWAY: I have been prepping for instruction-season at York, and it’s lots of fun and students are adorable and all but it’s ALOT OF WORK. Here’s an example of a web guide I put together that will go along with a presentation I will be giving for a class in a few weeks. I earns ma pay! (See where it says, “The handout provided in class is available here.”? CLICK ON IT. My infamous clip-art skillz live on!) (Okay, I could resist including an image of the handout. I luuuuv ma handouts!)

Clip Art Awesomeness

Clip Art Awesomeness

Also, I am taking part in a few associations.
1) FIAA: Faculty of Information Alumni Association. It’s fun! I am on the social media committee (Ooooooh!). I’d like to point out that to organize the group, Kim (Elle Presidenta) created a Huddle space. From what I can tell, Huddle is a project Huddlemanagement application, and the functionality is really hot. If you’re interested in an PM app, Huddle is worth checking out.
2) I am the newest blogger for the Re:Generations blog, which is a blog hosted by the Re:Generations committee — the branch of the Canadian Association of College and University Librarians that is for the lil’uns (read: New and Emerging Librarians). I’m also the New Professionals Rep (or something to that effect), so I get to like… professionalize. And such. I just had a conference call with the group, and I’m pretty stoked!

Re Generations

Video Killed the Radio Star.

Adobe CaptivateI get to make some Adobe Captivate videos at work and it is fun! I feel like Steven Spielberg. I sit in my office with my headphones on, murmuring, “Highlight Box goes her to underscore the name of the webpage.” And people look through the doorway and think I’m doing complex technical things. I’ve switched my office chair to a director’s chair and have taken to wearing a beret. The students mock me, but I think they’re just jealous of my genius?!

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